The Lifestyle Medicine Consultation

A first consultation

Our first consultation starts with our no obligation telephone call after which I will ask you to fill in a couple of questionnaires. One is a detailed health questionnaire and the other a symptom scorer. Ideally these should be filled in electronically and emailed back to me so that I can start the process before we meet.

Our face to face (in person or by Zoom) consultation is divided into two sessions. The first session is about 90 minutes long and is about getting to know you and your health challenges in depth so that I can then tailor a plan for you.

Between the 2 part appointment I will write a detailed plan or ‘holistic prescription’ and fill in the IFM Timeline and Matrix which can help us both understand the root causes of your health issues.

The 2nd part of the consultation lasts as long as you need, up to 90 minutes, and is usually via Zoom. This is the time for me to explain what I think is causing your health issues and why I have made certain recommendations. You have the chance to ask all the questions you need so you feel you have enough information to start making the changes you choose to embrace.

Follow-up Care

Follow up is extremely important for most people. My plans often encourage people to make multiple changes to their diet and lifestyle. Some are just for a short period but others ideally lifelong. At follow-up appointments we will often refine the prescription as we see what works for you. Also making changes usually requires some ongoing support. Different people need different levels of support and I am happy to offer what is needed though you may prefer to engage the support of a Health Coach if you need a lot of support in making changes.

Do I need this in-depth approach?

If you only have one or two straightforward health issues then a shorter consultation is possible. I offer a flat hourly rate so you can choose how much of my time you need. We can discuss this in our introductory phone call.


Hourly Rate – £80

Initial Package – £300

This initial work-up and support works out at approximately £60/hr and includes:

  • Pre-consultation ‘intake’ questionnaire evaluation
  • 90 minute face to face consultation
  • Filling in the timeline and matrix
  • A written personalised lifestyle plan
  • A supplement & herbal plan with 25-33% practitioner discount
  • 60-90 minute explanatory consultation
  • Email follow-up for 4 weeks

The Full Package – £500

The full package covers a period of 6 months and works out at an hourly rate of approximately £55 per hour. It includes:

  • All of the elements of the initial package
  • Ongoing email support for a further 5 months
  • 3 x 45 minute face to face follow ups or equivalent
  • Further tailoring of your plan
  • Ongoing discounts on products

Follow on Package – £250

This is essentially the same follow-up as above but can be started at any time.

  • Email support for 5 months
  • 3 x 45 minute face to face follow ups or equivalent
  • Tailoring of your plan
  • Ongoing discounts on products


Payment is due on receipt of invoice which will be sent along with your lifestyle prescripton. Bank transfer is preferred though we also take *card payments & cash.

*There is a small surcharge for card payments to cover fees.

To arrange your free 10-minute introductory phone call email Antonia