Homeopathic medicine is gentle, safe, free from side effects and will improve your overall standard of health as well as treating your complaints. It can be used safely in conjunction with conventional medicine.


The first consultation (face-to-face or online) takes 90 minutes for adults which gives us time to look at all your symptoms in detail. We also discuss wider aspects of your health, including your past medical history and family medical history. In this way, we build up a picture of your individual sensitivity to illness before carefully selecting the appropriate medicine.

Children first sessions last up to 60 minutes. Materials are provided for drawing and parents are welcome to bring a favourite toy or iPad. Siblings can also attend as long as the main focus is on the patient.

All the information you provide is strictly confidential (see our Privacy Policy).


The remedy, from an approved homeopathic pharmacy like Helios, is prescribed either at the end of the consultation or sent to you, in the post, a few days later. The medicine comes in the form of a small sugar pill which is normally taken as a single or daily dose to start the healing process. The cost of the medicine is included in the consultation fee.

If you need to contact me, please email or text (Monday to Friday 9-6pm).


Patients return 1-4 weeks later for a follow-up (30-60 minutes) to check on progress. We see how you have responded to the medicine and adjust the dose, or remedy itself, to promote your recovery.

Most patients respond positively to a short course of treatment (3-6 sessions) and they usually knew quite quickly whether homeopathy is suitable for them. Patients who are generally healthy often require only minimal treatment. Others, with more serious or chronic health problems, usually need longer support to get better.


You can pay by cash, card or bank transfer – same day as appointment please.

Initial Follow-up
Adults £120 £70
Under 16 £70 £70

Repeat prescription (without appointment): £20

International Payments, via PayPal include 2.5% transaction fee:

Initial Follow-up
Adults £123 £71.75
Under 16 £71.75 £71.75


I offer a free 20 minute first session. Supervision sessions are 60 minutes (£40) or sometimes 90 minutes (£60). Out of hours supervision (after 6pm) £45 per hour. School of Homeopathy final supervision report £40. Please add 2.5% if you live outside UK ie £41, £61.50, £46.


Please give at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel. The charge is £25 for missed appointments unless we can reschedule within the same week.
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Jon Didymus has over 20 years experience in practice and is registered with The Society of Homeopaths, the main professional body in the UK. He is a faculty lecturer at The School of Homeopathy (since 1999) and a supervisor for trainee homeopaths (since 2005). Jon has a PhD in bio-inorganic chemistry from the University of Bath (1991).