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Hello, welcome to my Lifestyle Medicine Practice page.

I am passionate about empowering you to reach your health goals through sharing my knowledge, personalised plans and gentle encouragement. I also aim to keep treatment plans affordable through recommending lifestyle changes and herbs, lower cost packages, relying primarily on testing through your GP, working from my home consultation room and sharing full practitioner discounts on any suggested supplements.

I work with people of all ages and with any health challenge, though I have particular expertise in helping those with diabetes, weight issues and other metabolic issues such as high blood pressure which can lead to heart disease. I am also particularly interested in helping people with fatigue, autoimmune conditions and dementia.

About Me

Dr Antonia Wrigley BSc; MBBS; Dip Phyt; MRCGP; AFMCP

I have been drawn to the ‘healing arts’ since childhood and decided at a young age to become a doctor, not knowing then of other healing professions. I discovered Herbal Medicine, to my delight, shortly before starting medical school but did not get the time to pursue this interest until I had completed my first year as a junior doctor. However I did get to study my other passion, nutrition, gaining a BSc in the middle of my medical training.

After completing my medical training I decided that I did not have enough life experience to be an effective practitioner and set out to explore the world and my own personal growth and spirituality. Along the way I did various trainings in holistic medicine including Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy.

I set up practice as a holistic doctor first around 1999 then decided to return to medicine to train to be a GP in 2007 with the intention of being able to bring more to my patients. I would have love to have stayed in the NHS but my way of working, of wanting to spend a lot of time with patients and use lifestyle changes or simple herbal remedies over pharmaceuticals, was not possible. I took the sad decision to completely leave conventional medicine behind finally withdrawing my registration in 2020.

Whilst working as a GP I discovered the low-carb medical community which re-ignited my passion for nutrition and led me to train in Lifestyle and Functional Medicine. Through my role as Vice Chair of the The Association for Holistic Medicine & Health Care I founded  The Real Food Campaign. I have been back in private practice since January 2019.

The Lifestyle Medicine Consultation

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I individualise my treatment plans and believe I can help most people however I talk with all prospective clients before organising a consultation to make sure that we are the right fit.

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