Lifestyle Medicine

  •  Helping you to take back control of your health

Using a personalised approach, Antonia weaves together her past experience to help you explore the underlying causes of any illness and, primarily through tailored changes to self-care and diet, move you towards your health goals.

Antonia is keen to work with people of all ages and with any health challenge. She has particular expertise in helping those with diabetes, weight issues and other metabolic issues such as high blood pressure which can lead to heart disease. She also has a growing interest in helping people with hormonal problems, autoimmune conditions, and dementia.


Dr Antonia Wrigley BSc; MBBS; Dip Phyt; MRCGP; AFMCP

Antonia is a holistic doctor with a BSc in Nutrition and a diploma in Herbal Medicine. Over the years she has explored many approaches to improving health and is currently studying Functional Medicine. She is also Vice Chair of the British Holistic Medical Association and a director of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Fees and Consultation

Initial consultation (90 minutes) £180*

Follow-ups (45 minutes) £90*

* Some concessions available

Payment by cash, bank transfer or Paypal – for more information go to our online payments page

Please email to arrange your free 10 minute introductory phone consultation.

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